The venerable Cadac J-Type has a new module!

Imagine taking a trip back to that regional theatre / high school auditorium / community center / local dive bar / penitentiary (not that we really think you went to prison but we like to inject parenthetical comments a la an instruction manual from our friends in Washington state) and mixing on your first Mackie® mixer again!

Unfortunately, you're stuck behind the smooth Penny and Giles faders of a Cadac J-Type Live Production Console, mixing a hit Broadway musical eight times a week, and you have no time to head back to your roots, as it were. Life is rough... But our new module can help!

Why mess around with P&G faders or calibrated dual-concentric pots or recallable settings and null LEDs? How about a module with all the bells and whistles of Your First Mackie®? It's possible! Just look at these features:

  • Stupendously Obnoxious Solo Light
    a 1.5" diameter 60W xenon-source fixture fitted at the top of the module will let you— and everyone else in a 250' radius— know that you're doing something really important, like solo'ing a channel. WARNING: Disable this feature when using this module in an outdoor setting near major airports.

  • "AIR" Control
    no, not for theatre HVAC systems, (that's available on the Convenience Module), but for that little boost of phase incoherent high frequency material to help fix sweat-out microphones or badly aligned sound systems.

  • AUX 1-3-5-7 Turn, Source Shift, and Tape Level Controls
    Heh heh. We'll have to ask our crazy R&D Engineer, Bill, what these knobs do (or their associated multifunction buttons), because we're not sure, but they look impressive although don't tell anyone that they probably have less-than-optimal S/N specifications.

  • Multipurpose Faders
    We took the fabulous faders from the Mackie 1604-VLZ and put them here, so you can mix in half the space! That is, if you can actually mix; if you can't, then there are handy level indicators and meters so you can set— and forget! We also put all those buttons down the sides to change assigns, groups, sections, outputs, inputs, and lunar cycles, so you can hit them by accident in the middle of a show! Wow!

  • Mute/PFL Solo/Alt Buttons
    These multipurpose buttons mute the input signal. Or it PFLs the input signal. Except with the FLIP and MODE buttons are depressed, in which case the button SOLOs the signal, but not when the TURN button is depressed, which then PFLs the associated aux send AND mutes the input signal; to bypass the subgroup deassign with the "MUTE OR PFL" switch, then use the Nomenclature Trim/Gain pot in Pre mode.

MACKIE® is a registered trademark of LOUD Technologies.

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